Enhance your gameplay with new ranks and perk abilities in order to advance and rise in power on your journey for immortal destiny.

  • March

  • 13


  • by Dazza


HELLO! As many of you already know I (Dazza) have recently purchased Jurassic and Mortal Mines from the previous owner (Lizardz).

I want to introduce myself as the new owner of this wonderful community and tell you a little bit about what’s going to be happening the next few days. I have a wonderful vision for this community that can bring us to a bright future together that I want to share with you all. It has become my passion to talk to all of you in-game. I pledge to be active as the new owner along with my management team and the rest of the staff. I want to thank you all for being loyal to our community for so long and I hope you all are as excited as I am for the new Mortal Mines to come!

Get ready for the GRAND RELEASE on SATURDAY, MARCH 13TH at 1PM EST! This new season will bring a wealth of bug fixes and new features that I am so excited for you all to see. After COUNTLESS hours working on this update we are almost ready for release! This release will provide more features for each player and will have updates throughout the season!

Mortal Mines has always been a competitive server, some of my favorite things to see are players grinding and negotiating their way to the Cell Top. We will continue to have WEEKLY Top 5 Cell Top Payouts, along with the return of Seasonal Top 3 Block Top Payouts and Seasonal Top 3 Prestige Top payouts!

Jurassic Mines will OFFICIALLY be MERGED into Mortal Mines effective with the new GRAND RELEASE! All Jurassic Mines players will have their rank transferred to Mortal Mines. If you are a Jurassic Mines player please make a ticket by follow the instructions in #tickets to claim your rank by providing some information!!

Mortal Mines will be OFFLINE for maintenance until release day. This will result in no Cell Top to be taken for this week. HOWEVER Next week, payouts will be 1.5X the value!

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